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Hi im Coleman, im pretty much a nerd and i love music. Im into emo, hardcore, screamo, indie, and 80's pop. I live in Joplin, Mo and im in college, I plan to go into either computer repair or administration for company servers. Im deeply in love with Jackie (xfadingxkissesx)and will be marrying her soon. After i get out of college, I plan to move up to canada and live happily ever after with my Jackie.

Current bands
1.yeah yeah yeahs-maps
3.robbie williams-angels
4.finch-new kid
5.brand new-soco ameretto lime
6.coldplay-we never change
7.underoath-some will seek forgiveness, others escape
8.frou frou-let go
9.thursday-this side of brightness
10.the beautiful mistake-my reminder
11.jimmy eat world-hear you me
12.rufio-above me
13.hopesfall-decoys like curves
14.atreyu-this flesh is a tomb
15.death cab for cutie-transatlanticism

Current Desktop
Current CDs
armor for sleep-dream to make believe
as i lay dying-frail words collapse
a static lullaby-...and dont forget to breathe
atreyu-suicide notes and butterfly kisses
at the drive-in-acrobatic tenements
at the drive-in-in/casino/out
at the drive-in-vaya
brand new-deja entendu
coheed and cambria-the second stage turbine blade
coheed and cambria-in keeping secrets of silent earth:3
converge-unloved and weeded out
converge-jane doe
cursive-the ugly organ
death cab for cutie-transatlanticism
dead poetic-new medicines
every time i die-hot damn!
franz ferdinand
from autumn to ashes-too bad youre beautiful
from first to last-dear diary, my teenage angst has a body count
further seems forever-how to start a fire
glassjaw-worship and tribute
haste-the mercury lift
hopesfall-the satellite years
interpol-turn on the bright lights
norma jean-bless the martyr and kiss the child
poison the well-you come before you
remebering never-women and children die first
the blood brothers-...burn piano island burn
the dillinger escape plan-calulating infinity
the locust-plague soundscapes
the mars volta-de-loused in the comatorium
the postal service-give up
the used
thursday-full collapse
thursday-war all the time
yeah yeah yeahs-fever to tell
ferret music 2004-progression through aggression
trustkill records-blood sweat and ten years
jackie mix

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will keep u updated with that i hope that is depending on when i get my net hooked up lol. my parents took some of my furniture and stuff today like my vantity and my destk and 2 boxes full of shtuff. i cant wait till i move next week is my last week of work im gonna go live with my parents for a few weeks and visit with all of my aunts and uncles before i leave. im so excited im gonna meet new ppl and experiance new things its gonna so much fun but scary at the same time. i hope i get a decent aptment to live in and for jackie to say in when she visits me when we have days off or the weekend and stuff. ^_^ yay that sounds so nice lol for once we can have a normal relationship its gonna feel so nice ^_^. now all that is left is the whole driving thing that comes in between this and that lol which should be fun :D just like old times yay. neway thats aboot it and its time for my to go to bed late.
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she has some up feel free to come in and look but make sure u ask and give her the credit for the amazing icons she has on the community ;) thanx everyone.
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IF NE ONE CAN HELP!!!!! [Friday
w00t im doing an entry for once lol. ive kinda got side tracked lately with moving and stuff things didnt go as planed last year but they will this year. cuz i will be there this year no matter what, ive been looking for ways to move or to even just getting up there so that jackie and i can start planing our wedding and stuff. i found a holiday work visa that lets u work for 12 months up there i just dont know if u have to be a student or just of the age of 18-30. every site that ive looked at has different stuff about the program, like some of then say includes the US in the countries that are in the program and others dont have it listed and some say that u have to be a student and others dont. idk what to think of that i have a number i should call to ask about that but i think im trying to do to much at one time. jackie even said that and that i need to just take it a little at a time so i wont be so bent on one way that i dont see another even better way to get there. right now im looking for like utilities for the area of buffalo to see how much its gonna cost per-month to live there cuz there are some decent apartments there for a round like 400 to 600 dollars.

i need to start saving more money all i have is 300 out of like at least 3000 i need. at work we lost one of our full-time workers and i hope the put it up so that some one can get into that spot. i hope i get it if nething cuz if i get full time there i can use them to transfer me to buffalo so i at least have a job when i get there so i dont have to worry about it. i can also start on my 1yr of full time work in the field i went to school for. with that i can also apply for skilled worker which by that time i prolly wont need but it wouldnt hurt to apply for it. i kinda hope that tony gets his shop up so that i can work up there and just bypass the buffalo thing cuz like i can work for tony and then jackie and i can get a nice little appartment. i think also if tony offers me a job then that will also help with skilled worker but idk, id prolly just work for him and that would be about it.

if neone has ne info on buffalo or like new york at all with like monthy price of bills plz share cuz all im getting are directions and phone numbers. if ne one that has tried to immigrate some place [u know who u are] plz give me ne info about like how long things may take and if u found an ez way to do it. ill also take donations through paypal lol j/k. ne one that gives me ne info that will help me get home as soon as possible or nething like that i think u with all of my heart and ur mos def invited to jackie and i's wedding even tho most of u already are if ur friends of either me or jackie. but ne way im gonna go do some more research for what i want the most, to go home and be with jackie later everyone.

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so i had a good christmas i think neways. on christmas eve i went to my parents and had dinner with them we dont do much for christmas eve :P. then like around 10p.m. or so my brother tim comes over and we watch blade trinity which was a terrible movie and talked about how things were going with him. he seems to be working alot for craine he had to work christmas eve and christmas night so he was kinda pissed about that i would be too. i waited up till 12a.m. for jackie to call me and be the first person to tell me merry christmas. well i ended up falling asleep :P so around 1a.m. my phone rings and its her i dont remember picking up my phone all i remember is hearing her voice and the voice of her family laughing in the back ground cuz they were playing bingo. then after we wish eachother merry christmas and say our i love u's i go back to sleep and then was woke up by my mom around 6:30a.m. i think. i get up and go take a shower in their amazing shower lol and while im taking my shower tim came over after work. we talked a bit and then opened our presents i ended up getting like $125 from both of my parents and a gift card from tim and some much need undies and socks. i thought it was a really good christmas cuz all i asked for was money and i got it. then we go to my gma fox's after that and tim and i like every yr get into his car and drive over to her house cuz its fun and we get to talk about lots of stuff that is on our mind. we get there and we are teh first ones there and then my cousins and uncle and aunts come over and we sit around a talk and then opened up our prestents. i got $20 from my gma fox plus a shirt of missouri lol and she goes "so u dont forget where u came from" :P. then after sitting around a little more and chit chatting aboot this and that we go to my gma kaup's. me and my cousin katlin have a tickle fight like we used to lol and then we ate some amazing food prolly the best ham ive ever had and my mom made the best mac and cheese she has ever made cuz it was creamier(she makes hers from scratch). then its time to open the presents dillon todd chase and peyton pass them out being that the are the youngest cooper didnt want to pass them out this yr i guess lol. the first thing i get is a sack which i take a peak into well actually kate did and it was a cd player so i thought. then after that i get some cards that oviously have money in them. so after all the presents are passed out ppl begin the opening process which my little 2 yr old cousin chase has already had a head start on everyone else lol. out of the cards i got like $145 i think im sure i havent got all the money right lol. and then i took for granted taht i actually got a cd player lol but it turns out that i was full of ramen and apple juice which is what ive been getting for the past few yrs lol well minus the ramen. cuz at first i was wondering where my apple juice was lol, cuz last yr i got the apple juice in a sack with 2 50 dollar bills taped to it :P. i also recieved a gift card from my aunt karry and uncle steeve. then peyton wanted to wrestle a bit so i tickled him till his face was red and then i told him to tickle kate and then he help me tickle my mom lol it was an amazing christmas with the family. i think this was the first time that i didnt just sit in my gpa's seat and not say nething for once. its been a long times since ive played with the kids and actually have fun rather then keep to myself for some unknown retarded reason. then i came home and for some reason started to drink i dont know y i did it i wasnt like i was forced to. i regret it tho cuz jackie and i havnt talked in 3 days cuz of stupid work making me stay 2.5 hrs over my shift :(. then the next day was new yrs and she does things with her fam. on new yrs and then christmas she goes to her nonna's. so i kinda screwed things up again like usual. i didnt mean to hurt her feelings but i still dont know y i just decided to drink :S. i just want to say that im srry for last night and i hope u forgive me. right now im sitting in my room waiting for her to call me cuz she gets an hr on break today :D. i need to ask her if her dad would like revenge of the nerds for christmas cuz im getting chri and jackie's parents christmas presents. i also get to see jackie for new yrs for once and im really excited about it i get to kiss her at the stroke of 12 and wish her a happy new yrs while shes in my arms rather then in a club or hotel with kathy and sarah calling me from her cell phone cuz i can barely hear her beautiful voice with all the noise going. now i can hear her voice clear and look into her gorgeous brown eyes. its gonna be the most amazing way to end the yr.

31st to the 4th.

im srry jackie about last night and i just hope u forgive me for my stupid choice i made last night.
i love u and i cant wait to see u on the 31st.

i hope everyone had a good christmas and i hope everyone has a happy new yr i wish u all luck for the future.

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i dont update this as much as i should cuz its been like a yr since ive updated this. i get to busy with stuff to update lol, well neways ive been busy looking for a new job to go along with best buys since they dont pay me shit. other then that ive been hanging out with steev, josh, jake and matt. not to much has happened lately so thats y i havent updated in forever, im just bored and i thought i write down everything that has been happening and how things have been going to remind me in a way that i have a wonderful life as long as i can get this part going. ive been doing as much as i can to make this one go good so i can move and be with jackie. a few nights ago me and jackie had a nice talk and i think it struck a nerve in a good way and opened up some doors that have been closed for a while. its amazing that just one person can say something so simple that it makes everything just seem to go away like dout and fill me with such confidence. well that one person is jackie. she does so much for me its not even funny and i need to start doing so much more for her and us for once. like after that night ive never felt more motivated to do nething in my life. ive been taking things seriously for once and more like a "man" then i used too. like i would do something if i was nervous, to be honest every time i go some place by myself i feel really nervous but i dont nemore. i get to see jackie for new yrs and i cant wait i dont know what we are gonna do, i dont care really i just cant wait to kiss her at the stroke of midnite and wish her a happy new yrs. that is gonna be the best start of the yr ever one kiss from the person that means most to me (and maybe a little alcohol in my system). speaking of which ive been drinking lately and its so much fun to play cs when ur drunk buts thes another story hahah. i just cant wait til the 31st of dec im staying til the 4th of jan. oh and resently i got another tattoo its for jackie of course just like all of my tattoos sept this one u can tell it for her. i got her zodiac sign on my hip shes a virgo, its still healing i love it so much it looks so good i cant wait til its done. of course its on my left side cuz that is jackie's side lol. well thats pretty much it for me jsut alot of nothing. im gonna leave u with my new yrs resolutions.

1.get in shape.
2.get my shit together and move.
3.make more money.
4.dont let ppl walk all over me.
5.be everything jackie needs and more.

and ill prolly see some of u on christmas eve
like chris and matt.

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO havent made one of these. its weird its like when i do one is at least a month or 2 before i make another one, its all good tho. I GET TO SEE JACKIE IN 3 DAYS after today that is. ive been trying to keep busy so the days go by faster up untill i get there then i want them to go slow. im so excited i havent seen my baby for a month its gonna feel so good to be home, OMG it will. i did some math one day, which is never a good thing sept this time it was cuz i came up with some numbers and did some research on moving...for once. i came to the conclusion that i can be in buffalo at the end of Jan first week of Fed. i actually came up with all of this on my own rather than jackie doing it which makes it that much better cuz i did something for us.

well there is a full time position open at work and im not sure if i got it or not i hope i did. all the numbers i crunched together rely on this fuckin full time job i better get it or im gonna have to get another part time job and hopefully get a full time job there if another one comes open. i dont want another part time job cuz it will just complicate things further. well see what happens *crosses fingers*.

lately ive been doing stuff with steve and chris we go to the mall or just drive around or relax in front of the tv. kinda boring but makes things seem like they are going faster which is an amazing thing to have happen. i have to fix jackie's dad's sound card i installed for him last time i was there cuz the disk the drives were on was a burnt cd and im thinking that if fuck up on the burn but idk so ill look at that when i get there.

i bought kathy her perfume, love spell lol. theres not much that is new with me sept the amazingly exciting stupendous extra fantastical trip that is happening on the 21 and will end on the 27 unless i glue my hand to jackie and never leave. but i dont think that will happen :(. i was just bored and id thought id say hey to everyone and tell them aboot what was going on with me. everything is still the same pretty much sept alot better lol.


I LOVE U JACKIE<3333333333333333333333333333

p.s. i quit counter strike

p.s.s i dled advent children its fuckin amazing, so many emotions. if uve played the game it will make u cry less im just a little girl which is possible. im not gonna tell u nething aboot it im just gonna say FUCKIN AMAZING WATCH IT.


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A wish for things to go our way. [Monday
[ mood | indescribable ]

havnt done one of these in a while. well here it goes: i started working at bestbuy after trying for years to get them to hire me, yay im a member of the geek squad now making 10 an hr :D. i also graduated from college and i have my diploma and everything in a nice little frame :D. started to slow down on counter-strike alot. i only play when there is nothing to do or when i have time to kill before jackie calls me. i went to canada for jackies b-day, her parents helped me with a plane ticket as a gift for her. i had so much fun i stayed there for a week, met all of her family and i love them all. her ava is so cute and i love her cousins they are adorible. i hope our kids are that cute even tho im sure they will be. im going to see jackie in october for her bosses wedding even tho i wish i could stay for halloween. im still trying to find a fast way to get rid of this distance and we have came up with moving to buffalo or niagara or some place around there. i just want to come home or i want her to come home i just want to be with her sooner. i hate waiting its like weve waited so long and ud think that something would get ezier but it hasent. i can get bestbuy to transfer me to buffalo so i can at least have a job when i move there. chris isenberger has also moved in with me to help me out with collecting money for my move. i like having a roommate its not to bad cuz i have someone to talk to when jackie isnt home. i wish things would get better for jackie and i, i just want to come home i hate this fucking distance i dont want it nemore. i just want to drop everything and go get her and run away someplace i dont care where just as long as we can be together and get married.
i hate this its killing me i just want it to happen i just want to be fucking home. i love jackie so much and i cant be newhere near her when i want to be specially now. i cant be there to fight for her or protect her or help her around her house. i just want to go dancing with her or ice skating or go to the beach or stay home and relax while i make something to eat for us. i just want to be there to help her relax and to protect her from things that will change or hurt her. im just tired of this distance shit and i want to kill it right now i want to end the distance.

i love u jackie i love u so mucg. feb 06.

good luck at then interview tomorrow baby. ill be home waiting for u so u can tell me all about the interview and how it went. i will walk into the dark with u. i love u jackie

p.s. after i take chris to work im going to go buy the new death cab cd hunny so i may be a little late. even tho im sure ull be at ur interview *mwah* love u good luck hunny even tho u dont need it ^.^

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You scored as Colossus. Colossus is the strongest X-Man physically. His love for his family and his sister Illiana make him strong. Although he can be prone to fits of rage, he has a big heart under that organic steel skin. Powers: Can change his skin into organic steel making him nearly invunerable and exponentially increasing his strength






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P\/\/|\|Z0|23|)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!11!!!! [Friday
[ mood | hyper ]


in good news: i got the job at best buy for the geek squad
im so happy and i owe all my luck to jackie. she is my lucky charm and i love her so much.
yay 6 days till she is here ^_^.

in bad news: my phone isnt working cuz my phone company is having problems. so that means i cant talk to muffin tell prolly tomorrow, and then my mom is gonna yell at me cuz shes gonna think i didnt pay my phone bill. im prolly also gonna get fired from cst (telemarketing again) but i could care less. if i do ill still have a nice paycheck and ill have all the time in the world with my baby when she comes.

in nerd news: cal-o (cyberathlete ameture leagues) next season which is like this fall. my team is 7-3 right now. we need alot of work before the season starts but its all good, we just need to scrim everyday. off the cs subject i might be playing WoW but idk yet ill prolly know by the end of this month. ive been playing cs better lately and idk y lol.

neway enough of my nerdy blah blah blah.

im gonna go talk to my baby (on msn :()before she goes to workies *sigh*.


i love u sugar thank u for loving me so much.


if u play cs which im sure u dont:

connect - this is my clans server.

team.bL | Destroyer[.ca] - handle.

http://www.freewebs.com/team_bl/ - and the clan site is.

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